Mosquito Control for Kid’s Safety

Most mosquito control Phoenix AZ companies use chemicals that are non-toxic as well as easily degradable and will not interfere with your child’s outdoor experience. This blog will tell you how to control mosquitoes for Your Kid’s Safety.

Save the mosquito repellent for camping trips. When your children are playing at home, keep them protected from irritating mosquito bites by having your yard protected by a professional mosquito control Phoenix service.

It’s almost spring, and all you can think as you dust off the grill for the first time since winter is, “Where did all of these mosquitoes come from?” They disappeared for the winter, and now they’re back in full force, annoying you and your family and potentially spreading deadly diseases. 

Was there any way you could have stopped them from coming back? There actually was a way, and reading this article will tell you how to avoid having those mosquitoes come back next year. Mosquito Control for Your Kid’s Safety-

Mosquitoes and winter

Ever wonder where mosquitoes go during winter? They don’t stop biting you just because you’re wearing more clothes; they are actually hibernating through the winter. 

Despite their seemingly fragile bodies, adult mosquitoes are able to survive the cold thanks to a biological process that replaces some of the water in their bodies with a natural form of antifreeze. 

Just like it does in your car, that natural antifreeze keeps the rest of the water in the mosquito from freezing into ice crystals which would kill the mosquito.

Even if the winter is unusually harsh enough to kill the adult mosquitoes, you still have to worry about the eggs they produced in the fall, before things got cold. The eggs of mosquitoes that live in temperate climates are very tolerant of the cold and can even survive sub-zero temperatures and snow to hatch in the spring. 

It only takes about a week for those eggs to become breeding adult mosquitoes, ready to create the population explosion that bites and annoys you all summer long.

As spring approaches, the weather is perfect for camping trips and playing outside, but there’s one problem; the weather is also perfect for mosquitoes to breed and multiply, and the female mosquito needs fresh blood in order to lay her eggs.

Whether your children would rather play in their bedroom or out in your back yard, you always want to keep them safe and protected. 

Many of the methods that can be used to protect your children from mosquito bites are either not potent enough to keep mosquitoes out of your home, or are only effective at managing mosquito bites after they occur.

Here are some of the methods that many people are familiar with, which can be helpful in combination with other methods, but are not sufficient on their own:

Mosquito nets: Mosquito nets do not prevent mosquitoes from entering your home; they only provide a thin barrier between the mosquito and your child. Every time the net is moved, its effectiveness is compromised.

Repellents: Repellents contain DEET, and mosquito repellents that contain more than 10% of DEET are potentially harmful to your child’s health. 

To be effective, repellents have to be reapplied constantly, and with children, this can be a hard task to keep up with. Not to mention, your children will not enjoy the unpleasant feel or smell of repellents.

Clothing: To reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, you may want to dress your child up in long sleeve clothing; however, this is an impractical method and will result in your child feeling uncomfortable during warmer weather.

Habits: Keep your children from heading outdoors before dawn, and make sure that they are indoors before dusk. While this may keep your child away from mosquitoes while they are most active, there are still plenty of mosquitoes out in between these times.

Antidotes: In the event that your child is bitten by a mosquito, you can use items such as antibacterial wipes, anti-itch cream, calamine lotion, or ice packs to prevent swelling and irritation. However, these will not prevent future bites.

A more effective and less time-consuming method than any of those mentioned above is to hire a professional to spray your yard at intervals in order to kill and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests.

Having your yard sprayed periodically is a simple solution that will make your home a safe haven for your children to relax and play in, as well as relieve you of the stress of trying to keep up with several less effective methods. 



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