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Foreign tours are always expensive. However, it depends on the currency ratio between your country and other countries as well. Apart from that, there are still some cheapest countries to visit around the world. Compared to the other countries, these countries’ fooding and lodging are a lot more affordable and easy to afford. In these places, the food prices from the top-level restaurants are as equal as a movie ticket back home. You can also stay at an aristocratic hotel for the amount that you use to book a hostel bed at your place. Let’s pay attention to the top 10 and some other cheapest countries to visit for your holidays.

Denmark – the Cheapest Scandinavian country to visit

Denmark is the cheapest among all the Scandinavian countries. However, you will still find it expensive compared to some of the European countries. To truly save money on this trip, you’ll have to skip the busy summer season, and probably also spring, as the pleasantly warm weather means lots of tourists and higher prices. However, flights and accommodation prices are as much as 40 percent cheaper between September and November. Right after the summer crowds have gone home but before the windy, cold weather hasn’t arrived yet.

Denmark also offers a great way to save money on food: bakeries. Forget paying for expensive meals at your hotel or a touristy restaurant. Instead, walk into a neighborhood bakery away from the central area. Bakeries offer a great cheap option for breakfast. Wienerbrød or Danish pastries — fluffy, flaky pastries filled with jams or custard cream.

Also, many of Denmark’s most famous attractions are either free or very cheap to visit. Watch the guard ceremony’s changing at Amalienborg castle, visit Hans Christian Andersen’s grave at Assistens Cemetery, or walk Rosenberg Castle’s gardens.

cheapest countries to visit
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Bulgaria – Cheapest Eastern European country to visit

Bulgaria’s most exciting destinations won’t cost you a penny. Sofia, the country’s capital, is an old city where you can see the Turk and Byzantine influence. Still, the country’s real charm can’t be genuinely discovered until you step into the countryside. Here, ancient little villages sit next to imposing castles atop mountains. In Bulgaria, you can get an all-day ski lift ticket for a tenth of what you would pay anywhere else in Europe, and the hiking trails will take you up mountains as high as the Alps for free.

To make the trip even cheaper, skip the summer months when the beaches are crowded, and hotels raise their prices to take advantage of the short tourist season. Late spring and early fall are great times to visit instead, especially if you’re spending time outdoors — the weather is nice, the tourists are gone (or haven’t arrived yet), and prices are more than affordable.

Consider Bansko or Razlog, two significant ski resort areas where you can enjoy the snow on a tiny budget if you’re a winter person.

Cambodia – Cheapest Southeast Asian Country

Cambodia is also one of the cheapest countries to visit in Southeast Asia. The place is best known for being home to Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument. Even this world-renowned destination is incredibly affordable to visit: you can just hop on a tuk-tuk or open motorcycle taxi to reach your goal, buy a temple ticket at the entrance of the first temple, and explore until your heart’s content for just pennies — when you’re ready to move on, your tuk-tuk driver will take you to the next temple and wait for you. Hiring a tuk-tuk for the entire day will cost you the equivalent of a 15-minute taxi ride in NYC.

But Cambodia has much more to offer than stunning ancient temples. Phnom Penh is filled with beautiful French Colonial architecture, cheap French bakeries, and lots of temples free to visit.

For even more significant savings, arrive outside of the cool, dry season, which runs from November to February. That is a high tourist season, and the months when prices go up and the crowds get bigger. At any other time, you’ll find incredible deals everywhere you look.

cheapest countries to visit
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Nepal – Cheapest Country in Asia

Unless you’re planning a full guided trek up Mount Everest — which is not a cheap venture — Nepal is incredibly affordable. Even better, you can still enjoy plenty of trekking and even climbing for pennies. Even massive trekking trips, such as an 11-day hike in Langtang Valley, will only set you back a few hundred dollars, a quarter of what a trek to Everest Base Camp would cost.

Nepal is hard to visit in the low season, as the months between mid-June and mid-September mean lots of rains, potential flooding, and sometimes dangerous landslides that block trails and make hiking impossible. The weather is misty and cloudy during these months, which means you often get poor visibility and no mountain views.

If you’re not heading here for climbing, winter can be a pleasant time to visit. As temperatures often stay around 10 degrees Celsius in the city. Trekking can be tricky in winter because of unexpected winter storms and snow. March to May and September to November are the best months to visit. You’ll get some of the best weather and prices that are still stunningly low.

cheapest countries to visit
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Morocco – Cheapest Northern African Country

Morocco is one of those cheapest countries to visit, depending on your choices. For example, visiting Morocco’s famous Marrakesh bazaar can get pricey. Especially if you’re after handwoven rugs or painted glass. But if you learn to haggle as your life depends on it, you’ll walk away with some budget treasures.

For cheap eating, nothing beats the local specialties. Such as kabab-el-ghazal, a crescent-shaped cookie stuffed with almond paste (great as a quick snack), the slow-cooked Moroccan stew tagine, or couscous served in many different forms. Sitting down at a restaurant in Morocco often means a higher price. However, eating street food or ordering something from a local tea or coffee house will give you a taste of the real Morocco. Plus, save you money at the same time. Rosenberg Castle’s gardens are another beautiful place to visit.


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