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In modern days, smartphones and the internet have turned the table for the marketing strategy of companies. People are more active on the internet. They love shopping online rather than physically going to the market. That is why the companies are moving their direction towards online marketing. But you cannot deny the traditional saying ‘Old is Gold.’ The classic go to market strategy is still pretty much effective in the world of marketing. You may plan for different digital marketing strategies. There are still some areas where you have to rely on that same old go to market strategy. Every company or business wants to grow in both areas. Therefore, the company owners have to promote their products both online and offline. But before we discuss the topic, you must know what is a go to market strategy.

What is a go to market strategy?

It is a simple and tactical action plan that maps the necessary steps to succeed in a new market or with a new customer. It can be applicable for launching a new product, moving a current product, and re-lanching a product with different brand names. Now the question is, why do you need a go to market strategy for your company? The most important reason is that you will get to know the feedback from the customers directly. Customer feedback is always valuable for any company or business for the betterment of its products or services.

Secondly, this strategy helps you think regarding all the issues faced by the customer. Thus it will help you present your product in a better way. As per the old saying, it takes years to build trust and seconds to destroy it. Your strategy will ensure that you’re not messing up all the hard work you’ve put into getting to where you are now.

Here are some of the steps. You need to follow to create a perfect go to market strategy for your company.

Describe your business for go to market strategy

The initial of your go to market strategy should describe how the product aligns with your overall business plan and strategy. That can be a short explanation of how it attaches to your other offerings or how you’re approaching a new market. Whatever your reasoning, be specific, concise, and honest.

go to market strategy

Define the market strategy

The following section will explain how you plan to engage your products with customers, create value, and hit that strategic objective. There are some things you should keep in mind. First, you need to determine why your product is different from your competitors. Why should a customer choose your company? You need to clarify the benefits of using your product. Apart from that, you need to think about the product positioning, sales & support, customer satisfaction, etc.

Pricing strategy

Pricing is not just a financial decision; there’s more to it. Your pricing structure needs to make sense based on your business model. It’s also a message to people about the value you’re going to provide. Pricing reflects every other aspect of your go to market strategy. It is effective everywhere, from customers to the market, using PR, marketing, and sales strategies. It also needs to be a purposeful and deliberate choice. Think about the message you are sending with your pricing. Are you a premium product that will need to be aggressively sold? Or are you trying to undercut the current competition and open up new customers?

External marketing plan

No matter what your go to market strategy is, marketing is always essential. The company executives must reach the customers’ doors in-person with the product while keeping the online marketing. Like digital marketing, you need to focus on branding, lead generation, product description, marketing area, and publication.

go to market strategy

Sales strategy and supporting materials

If your product is more sales-intensive, you need to make a proper marketing strategy. You need to spend more time outlining how you expect that sales process to work. A sales job is not an easy task to do. And you’ll want to make sure that the people going out and representing your product have all the resources and knowledge. That they need to be successful. In this case, you need to include three things.
Tools and resources
Client acquisition
Training support

Sales-support sync – go to market strategy

Every time you are launching a new product, you can expect some added pressure on your support team. And nothing sours an experience of a new product and your company in general than poor support. You must ensure that your support team is prepared for all circumstances. In this case, the team should have adequate tools, Onboarding & support, Retention strategies, and Satisfaction measurement.

Where your product fits

The responsibilities of bringing a completely new product to the market never end once it’s out. It’s usually the complete opposite. Every time you launch a new product. You’re adding another item to your product list of things that need to be prioritized. When you go to market with this new product, will it still get your attention? Or will your team move onto other projects?

go to market strategy

Success metrics

Every go to market strategy has to have success metrics. It is something you are looking for. Your market strategy will show whether your new products are meeting your expectations or not. Therefore your success metrics should be meaningful, measurable, operational, and motivational. If your product hits 60-70% of your expectation, you can consider it a success metric.

Ongoing budget and resource

Along with all the things we’ve covered about getting your product out there. You need to know how you’re going to keep it there. That means budgets, resources, time commitments, or anything giving a good idea of how everyone should expect this product to impact their day-to-day.

You need to keep in mind these steps mentioned above while setting your go to market strategy for the product or service. Therefore, you have already understood why it is needed along with the modern digital marketing strategy for your company.


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