Have you wondered how much you may get when you sell your Apple products? Compared to many other technology-related products, Apple devices and products do get to hold their value extremely well. They might be expensive first, but they do balance it out with a good selling price.

When you think of upgrading the products, you may think of where to sell it.

Hence, you can get to hold the value of Apple products at the time of upgrading. There is an apple trade-in program which can let you trade devices in for credit for a new one. There are other websites online too which can promise to trade in cold hard cash. You can also check to outsell your mac website which can help you sell your mac laptop for a good price.

There are a few factors to consider when you are making that decision of where to sell your Apple products.

Here is something you can remember when you are thinking about selling your Apple products. If Apple does not give its customers a good deal while selling the computers, the word of mouth might have spread. But the company always seems to stay in good books which is why it is still established there that you can get a good price while selling Apple Products.

Why are you selling the product?

When you want to have a good sum of money, you are supposed to understand why you are selling it. You may sell your Mac, iPhone or just some other piece of Apple product but you need to know why you are selling it.

You might want to have some quick cash so that you can buy another phone or another product. You may sell it on eBay but you will not get a good price on the websites that have been purely built to sell and buy the Apple products. There is a good reason why you can sell on the designated sites than the regular ones because here, you will not be scammed.

What if you try to sell the products to Apple itself?

There is this Apple GiveBack trade-in program where you can get a gift card to spend in the Apple Store. You can use this gift card along with the Apple discounts to buy the new products. However, the value of the gift card will depend on what product you are trading and the product should be in excellent condition.

You can expect to sell the Apple products on eBay and Craigslist also but you should be aware of the scammers. Nonetheless, you may get around $650 for the most recent MacBook Air which is perfectly working.

Why should you try the websites that are made for selling and buying the Apple products?

There are websites like SYM or SellYourMac which offer the best customer service. Apart from this, they also offer the best payout prices. They are available throughout the day and if there are any questions that you want to ask them: you can do so by email, live chat or telephone. They are better than selling on eBay or Craigslist to avoid the scams. The staff with which work is really friendly and they help you so that you are satisfied with your experience.

How to use the platform?

There are three simple things to do when you use these kinds of platform. Here is what you can do to follow:

  1. Get a free quote

They are making it easy to sell the Apple device. You can simply enter the product details and then get an offer directly from the website. Make sure the device you are selling is in proper condition.

  1. Ship the device to them


Yes, you have to ship the device to the platform. You can drop in a pre-paid shipping label or FedEx. They will provide the details once the shipping has been confirmed.

  1. Get Paid

As soon as your device reaches to their safe facility, they process the order so that you can get paid quickly.


Hence, you understood where to sell Apple products. You can always depend on these websites where you can sell Apple products. These websites sell the refurbished phones too so if you want to buy those, you can go ahead. So, since you want to make good money, you can probably sell them off online or if they are very old, you can send them back to Apple for recycling. They will probably give you a gift card for that. These are the products which you have bought in 2009 or before. There is always a lot of ways to get a good deal while you are selling Apple products, just make sure you are not being scammed or cheated on.



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