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Headaches are like a run-in-mill problem for pretty much everyone. Whether you get a mild or severe one, they can bollix your entire day. You’ll find headaches to be several kinds from migraines, to clusters, to sinus, or even tension. Tension headaches being the most common among them all. You can relieve yourself from a headache with quite a few over-the-counter pills. But it’s always best to try out the home remedies for headache or discuss your symptoms in detail with your practitioner. Here, in this blog we will cover a number of natural remedies, you can easily try out at home.

How to manage Headaches?

Headaches are not just having an aching head, but also tenseness traveling down your eyes, neck, and even shoulders. Migraines usually ache at just one side of the head, but you’ll find several people describing their symptoms differently. Moreover, migraine attacks may show different symptoms each time they occur in the very same person.

Certain food intakes have the humongous skills to trigger headaches. Substances like monosodium glutamate, alcohol, caffeine, tyramine in nuts, aspartame in artificial sweeteners, and phenylethylamine in dairy products, plant protein, poultry, and fermented soy stimulate headaches. You must control the excessive intake of foods containing these substances, to stop triggering headaches. However, if you end up having one, get off your gadgets as soon as you feel the pain. Rest your eyes from light exposure which may make the headaches worse. Meanwhile, try out some of the home remedies for headaches and keep yourself away from further aggravating it.

Home remedies for headache

Some the home remedies for the headache you must try are:


You can vouch on ginger to give you instant relief for headaches. Ginger lends a helping to reduce blood vessel inflammation in your head and consequently comforts pain. Furthermore, it aids digestion that squelches the probabilities of nausea when you’re going through a severe migraine attack.
If you’re questioning yourself on how exactly you need to use this remedy. Here’s what you need to do:

Drinking a spoon full of ginger and lemon juice mixture can give you instant relief. Or, try steeping a root of ginger in your tea to calm your headache. You can even try applying a paste of ginger powder and two tablespoons of water onto your forehead. Leave it on for a few minutes, and use a wet wipe to remove it. Any of these quick and easy ginger hacks can ease out your aching head.

Use Fragrance

Peppermint Oil

You can choose peppermint for the menthol it has and its anti-inflammatory properties. The exotic aroma and valuable properties enable opening up your blocked blood vessels and regulate proper blood flow. Inhaling some peppermint oil can work wonders for a headache. You can also simply massage a mixture of peppermint and almond oil with some water and apply it well on your neck back and temples. Be careful not to touch your eye area.

You can try your hands on a cup of fresh peppermint tea and add a drop of honey in it to relieve yourself from headaches. This herbal tea has an invigorating taste and will soothe your headache too. You may also rub a few peppermint leaves on your forehead like a balm to ease out the pain.

Lavender Oil

Lavender has an outlandish smell and is a beautifully colored flower. But do you know that it’s an excellent elixir for headaches too? Try it out next time you get a headache. Here are some ways to help you use it:

One of the simplest ways to benefit from it is: just add a few drops of lavender oil in a cotton ball or tissue and inhale it. But to magnify its utility, add a few drops of this extraordinary oil in boiling water and inhale the exotic steam fuming out of the pot. You can also massage a tablespoon of almond and lavender oil mixture on your forehead. Always remember never to consume lavender oil in any way.

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Cinnamon Paste

You can make a nice thick smooth paste of ground cinnamon sticks and water. Apply the paste evenly on your forehead and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash it off later with some warm water. Pat it dry. This miraculous spice will work very effectively and is one of the best home remedies for headaches.

Time to use Thyme

When you get a bad headache and you’re too knackered to try out anything else. Try this! Gently apply a few drops of rosemary or the wonderous thyme oil on your forehead and your temples. Now, slowly massage the oil onto the forehead and gently place your head on a pillow. Close your eyes and relax. Don’t forget to turn off the lights! After thyme cures, you, definitely thank us back for the remedy.

Simple Stretches

Besides consuming the innumerous miraculous home remedies for headache, try out some simple yet effective exercises to control the intensity of a headache. The specific movements you need to do is rotate your neck clockwise and then anticlockwise. Repeat the process a few times. After you are done doing that, now you can slowly move your chin downwards and again upwards. Repeat this also a few times. It will ensure your muscles to relax a little, which will eventually ease out the pain.

Warm-Up or Cool Off?

Doctors around the world recommend this home remedy for headaches. Wondering what you need to do? Hold on and we’ll give you a helpful suggestion. Apply a pack of ice right at the back of your neck and let it numb the pain, and further reduce the inflammation. Now, soak your feet in hot water. If you have some mustard powder, heat it and add it to water. Don’t worry if you have none, the heated water will be just good enough. By cooling off the pain and warming up your feet, you will see your headache to vanish.

Bittersweet cloves

If you are someone who loves the pungent yet bittersweet taste of cloves, this natural home remedy will suit you best. You just need to crush down a few cloves and store them in a tiny sachet or a clean tissue or hankie. Smell it and inhale the aroma to relieve your aching head. You may even massage your temples and forehead with a few drops of clove oil and coconut oil with a pinch of sea salt mixed together.


Basil is loved by many for the strong fragrance it contains and it’s analgesic properties soothes pains. If you happen to be in that group of people, use basil to reduce headaches and relax out contracted muscles. You may even try out making a herbal tea out of fresh basil leaves and add a drop of honey to enrich the flavor. Even chewing fresh basil leaves or inhaling the steam may help to reduce severe headaches.

Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar

Like apples? Or Apple Cider Vinegar? This remedy for a headache is at your rescue. The acid-alkaline content in apples gets restored in the body when you consume it during a headache. You can try slicing an apple, sprinkle some salt on and slowly eat the slices. Drink some lukewarm water after that. If you don’t have an apple handy, drink a cup of lukewarm water with two drops of ACV, some honey, and a drop of lemon juice. You may drink this tasty yet effective drink maximum of not more than three times in a day.

Some doctors even advise inhaling the steam of boiling water and ACV to give your sinus headache an instant relief.

headache remedy food

Prevention is better than cure

All of you must have heard this often. But do you actually practice this on a day to day basis? If not! Try it out from today. Yoga is the best preventive measure you can take for your headaches. Not only will it relax your stressed-out muscles, but it will also give you the energy to work, and keep you attentive and active.

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So, to conclude, try out the super easy yoga postures at home to keep you in better shape. But you can always keep the home remedies for headache handy for the dark days you get an aching head.

Tips to combat at headache

In addition to all the wonderous home remedies for headache, you can keep these few quick, and easy tips close at hand.

Use a Cold Pack

You can always use an ice pack on your neck to numb the pain. If you don’t have an ice bag home, wrap a towel around the frozen peas packet from your freezer, and place it on your forehead. But you must press it for fifteen minutes and wait twenty minutes, repeat after that.

Try a Hot Compress

Relieve yourself from a tension headache by placing a hot compress on your forehead and at the back of your neck. In case of a sinus ache, placing a warm cloth on the aching areas will give you tremendous help. Over and above, if you’re too tired to try out anything, a nice hot shower will always give you a relief and a fantastic sleep.

Release Pressure of Scalp

You must always release out any heavy pressure from your head when you get a headache. Wearing headbands, swimming gears, hats or caps, and even tying your hair too tight will increase pressure, and worsen head pains. A study stated that women loosening their hair saw instant results in relieving themselves from headaches.

Dim the glare of lights

If you happen to be someone who works hours in front of a computer, then facing migraine pains will be a recurring issue for you. You can try out the anti-glare layers for all your gadget screens, and reduce the brightness.

If your work involves you to be too much in sunlight exposure, use dark tint sunglasses to prevent headaches. At home, use dimmer lights and minimize the use of flickering lights which may initiate headaches.

Sip caffeine

Tea, coffee, and other caffeine drinks will give you some temporary relief. You should never go overboard with caffeine, and drink too much of it. However, fluids containing minimum caffeine catalyzes painkiller pills like acetaminophen. You must always remember that caffeine addiction can aggravate other health issues, so always consume minimalistic amounts of it.


Studies have shown yoga to show its effectiveness on headaches. You can always try breathing techniques and yoga asanas (postures) to prevent yourself from headaches. You’ll always benefit by simple stretches like neck rolls, pulling your ears down to your shoulders, or even jaw stretching. All these simple home remedies for headache can work wonderfully for you.

Mineral and coconut water

Keeping your body hydrated is the best natural remedy you can do to keep away from headaches. Mineral and coconut waters are naturally electrolyte content and lacks any added artificial sweeteners in them.


You can always massage your shoulders, head back and temples to release the contraction. However, trying out some fragrant oils will also help you effectively.


You will find acupuncture to be extremely effective on headaches like chronic and migraines. If you have access to an acupuncturist, then you will find them examining you with a very traditional Chinese medicine. Soon as your diagnosis is done, they will use needles to prick around the energy meridians to treat the specific type of headache you’re having.


Don’t exercise regularly? Start now! You’ll always benefit yourself from exercising. Join swimming classes or just simply start brisk walking on the trail and also run a few rounds as well. All these aerobic exercises will control the frequencies and minimize the severity of your aches. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids after you finish exercising!

Meditation & resting

Studies have shown meditation to be a great remedy to reduce any type of headaches. Moreover, practicing spiritual meditation works best to reduce migraine headaches.

But a good sleep and proper rest is always the best to cure a headache. But don’t keep the bright light on while you rest, or you may end up worsening your pains!

Final thoughts

You’ve already got a number a home remedies for headaches. We’ve given you the best platter for you to choose from.

But preventing yourself from getting headaches is the best option, and for that, all you need to do is have a proper and healthy regime.

Go ahead and try out all the ways you have gotten to block headaches. But if you have a dark day or two- your natural remedy platter is kept ready for you right here in this blog!