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Smoking through a vape pen is an art. It needs perfection and hard work. Next time you see a cloud of smoke rising from a vape, consider a master that is at work. 

Does vaping weed smell?

This is a very common question. To answer it, let’s evaluate the vape itself first. A vape is an electric device. It involves a battery heated coil that vaporizes the e-liquid and provides an awesome smoking experience for the user. You can vape a variety of materials, including concentrates.

Types of concentrates


The following are the concentrate types most commonly used in vapes.

  • Shatter 

break into pieces

Shatter, in its purest form, is glass-like and can break into pieces. Just break off a little bit and put it in the heating chamber of your vape. So, does weed vaping smell by using shatter? Yes, but it will not stink up the room as much as a smoking dry weed.

  • Crumble

Crumble is very similar to shatter. It is not as potent, however. It is very pure and easy to use. Although it is glass-like, it is slightly sticky. Crumble varies in flavour and consistency but provides a good hit. Does vaping crumble smell? Yes, but only slightly.

  • Budder

Budder resembles peanut butter in appearance. It is much more malleable than crumble and shatters. Budder is challenging to handle and is used via a pincer-like tool. Budder is more flavoursome compared to crumble and shatter as it contains a more significant number of terpenes. However, Budder lacks potency. Carefulness is required when smoking budder since this weed vape smell can be identified from afar.   

  • Wax

Wax is the easiest concentrate to get and the most affordable. The wax has a certain stickiness in its nature that needs to be handled with care. You can use a pair of tweezers for this purpose. It has the weakest potency of 60%  as compared to others. Does a vaporizer smell when using wax? Yes, it does. It is very easy to identify.

How to minimize it?

Does vaping weed smell? Do you want a practical solution to your problem? There are numerous ways to minimize the dry herb vaporizer smell. Weed needs to be vaporized before use. Paintthemoon provides the best vaporizers to aid you in a smoother and reliable vaping experience.

  • Cleaning
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Keeping your vaporizer clean can save you a lot of trouble. It will effectively kill the dry herb vaporizer smell. If you don’t clean it regularly, the vaporizer will start to give a lousy odour primarily if it utilizes conduction heating.

  • Window fans

Window fans can be utilized for getting rid of the smell from weed as soon as possible. The wind will blow away the weed vape smell and will allow fresh air to take its place. 

  • Popcorn

Do weed vape smell even after all the remedies? Why not open a bag of popcorn, which can be an ultimate tool to mask the bad scent from weed? The popcorn scent will take over the weed vape smell. It is a very appropriate and ingenious method to remove the weed vape smell from the room. 

  • Spoofer

You can make a spoofer by stuffing fabric softener sheets into a paper towel roll. While exhaling the weed, blow it through Spoofer. It will nearly eliminate the bad odour of weed. It is how you can prevent dry herb vapour smell. 


Vaping is more advantageous to smoking weed directly in terms of smell. However, nothing is smell-proof. In different occasions, one can adopt various methods of vaping. Vaping limits the odour to a shorter distance. It can further be negated by using the above methods.

Vaping weed may smell according to the material being vaporized. Do not worry much about the outcomes. Smoke a puff and immerse yourself in the world of imagination. We are opening new doors to possibilities.


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