django ward

If you are very familiar with the world of music and musicians, then you must have come across the name Django Ward sometime in your life. Django Ward is a famous musician, band member, and a famous public entity in the United States of America. His name has gained fame on a big stage, not only due to his music but also due to his father, Fred Ward.

The main taste of Django’s music lies in Jazz and in, specifically, Jazz Manouche. Despite all the fame, Wikipedia has not yet included his name in its list. Even more surprising is the fact that very less is known about his early days and childhood. However, his father’s fame and work made few memories of little Django.

The article will try to provide as much light and depth as possible into the life of Django. Though lesser facts are known about him, some of them might have gone unnoticed. As we move further into the article, many curtains will be taken off from his not-so-known personal life.

django ward

His early life, childhood, and youth days

It is very surprising to know that no accurate date is known related to the birth of Django Ward. His birth year is estimated to be between 1966 and 1970. Since his father was Italian, he spent most of his working days in Rome. Django accompanied his father in his working period. He can speak French with fluency and English as well but with a French accent.

There are speculations that his birthplace might be Rome. However, there are no sources to confirm that. He spent his childhood later in France. Moreover, he was born after his father gave up his career in the US Air Force. He worked for three years in the air force. Then he shifted to Rome to kick-start his acting career. It was then that Django was speculated to be born.

Django was born to his father’s second wife, whom he married after getting his first divorce in the same year, 1965. Her name was Silvia Ward. Django’s parents later got divorced in the 90s, and his father married another woman, a businesswoman Marie-France Boisselle. Django was still not that old when this was happening.

django ward

Django Ward’s music career

It was not that Django did not work hard because of his father’s already famous legacy. He has been passionate about music since his youth and has found his way to becoming a musician. Django is very proficient in the art of Jazz Manouche. His style of music, especially his guitar playing, is greatly inspired by Belgian jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

The band he works with is called the “Biper Swing,” and he has been part of it for quite some time. His songs released with the band are available on SoundCloud. The website of Biper Swing has all the dates and times concerned with the concerts of Django Ward. In case some curiosity arises related to his music, you can check out the webpage of his band.

He toured the entire of France and later Europe while his music career was still going on. He has gained expertise in multiple forms of guitar and has proficient hands on them. Some of his works include popular songs like Place De Brouckere, Danube, and Seul Ce Soir. You can get access to all of the songs on the website of his band or across some other platform.

Django Ward has not yet gotten the recognition he quite deserves. He has devoted himself to music and has worked hard over the years to reach where he is. His style of jazz manouche has not yet been fully discovered and came to be first popularized only in the middle of the 20th century.

Django Ward’s personal life

Despite such less information about his birth and his memories along with his current ongoing life, we will try highlighting a few major aspects of his life. This helps him get some more recognition than what he has currently. This is why, no matter where you go on the internet, not much will be found about him.

But there are claims all over the web about his marriage and also about the fact that he has kids too. These speculations were made after a picture shared with him on social media. It was a picture of a drawing by his daughter, “Nina “. The caption shared by him made it even clear to make sure of his family’s existence.

The caption even portrayed the immense love and care he has for his family. The speculation even stated that he has more than one kid with his wife. But the sad part is that there are no details available on the internet related to his wife and his children. Even their names are not yet known on the internet. This shows that he likes to keep his life confined to himself and his family.

django ward

Django Ward summed up

Django Ward does live a comfortable, affluent life. His music performances account for a substantial portion of his financial success. He spends most of his time writing music with his band. Damien Briard, Arnaud Estor, and Jean Clermont make up his band. He has accumulated riches of close to 750k US dollars. His band was formed in the year 2010 and he has been active since then.

He is mostly found playing guitar at events, private parties, birthdays, and other concerts. He still doesn’t have a high fan following on social media.  However, we can sum up that he has not been dependent on his father’s fame and has made a name for himself, even though not as much as his father. He is a self-made man.


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