COVID-19 Resources for Librarians

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest problems present everywhere. The world has such a problem seen in many decades. A highly virulent pathogen causes COVID-19 infection which brings opportunies for There were some COVID-19 Resources for Librarians  and their library users. It is a disease characterized by high fever and cough in the first few days.In the latter days, even though the fever lessens, the other problems like cough, tiredness, lack of the sense of smell and taste persist. Although the pandemic’s mortality rate is less, the number of deaths increases due to the disease’s high transfer rate.

These were some basic info. There are in-depth details available online on several blogs, articles, and websites. However, there are hardly any of them that keep you updated with the latest research information.

It is also the moral and ethical duty of anyone concerned to aid the research. This way, valuable information is made available to the general public and help students in their academics. It also satisfies the queries of the general public.

The storage of the information and keeping up with the latest updates is not an easy task. It is a task of the Library Solutions that have experience in consolidating the data. There are about 20,000 pieces of content; they make the information hard to manage.

Besides, getting the right info is vital too. Libraries have better control over data management. They can make sure that you have the correct data. Also, they have a better understanding of choosing the right title for journals and textbooks.

If the content is available online, then the libraries can use useful keywords. It helps the readers pull up only the relevant articles. Also, the content has to be valid. Useful libraries get data only from good sources like WHO.

Amid the pandemic’s stress and worries, the sources of information must not make the articles awe-causing to increase the web traffic rate.

At Unique Management Services, we have made sure of all the ethical factors that concern the disease. We also give info from good sources.

Here are some ways we have made the data available.

1 Pubmed Central

The information on the COVID-19 disease is given out in vast amounts by WHO. You can find the complete Unique Management Services data content and research information to PubMed Central at the NIH’s National Library of Medicine.

It is also available at other data storage systems that are funded by the public. It will be visible until the pandemic gets resolved.

2 Access Via Sciencedirect Free Of Cost

The right information on a sensitive and demanding issue like the pandemic should be free of cost. The aim is to help researches by other research groups and get a better and quicker answer to every question.

Unique Management Services offers you the answer to every question you may have to aid your research work. You get a wide range of articles divided into science journals, reference work, handbooks, and content from encyclopedias.

It makes your work simple; you can also find articles about viruses related to the COVID-19 virus. There are COVID-19 Resources for Librarians and All the information is available on ScienceDirect. It is legible for the machine and is put up as a corpus. It also has rights for the complete text and data mining. It does not even have any limitations on reuse and analysis.

This data is also available for the Allen Institute for the artificial intelligence semantic team. This institute is also taking the updates daily. They combine it with the larger dataset available with Kaggle.

3 Textbooks for Sciencedirect for Their Customers

We have given access to some textbooks for all the ScienceDirect customers who are still active. It includes journals for customers without access. In case of no access, a customer can reach out to the sales and support contact team of ScienceDirect.

4 Textbook for Vitalsource Customers

We have made the textbooks, which we have issued to ScienceDirect customers, available free of cost. Pupils can access the books without a fee. It is available on the VitalSource bookshelf app and is already live. You can take a look at the VitalSource FAQs, meant for teachers and students. It also includes a list of participating institutes.

5 Textbooks for Redshelf Customers

We, at Unique Management Services, understand the vitality of the textbooks for everyone. Hence, we have taken another step in making it available to everyone. We have made the books available at RedShelf. The RedShelf customers are now able to get the info.

6 Textbook Access For EBSCO And Proquest Customers

EBSCO host and ProQuest ebook central customer can get timely updates and to concurrent access. It is unlimited access.


There were some COVID-19 Resources for Librarians since The bookkeepers can help you get the right info on the COVID-19 situation. Also, the data available from our sources are reliable.


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