Perfect pair of socks

Not all socks are created equal. That’s one of the things that makes socks so great. Socks come in all types of styles and colors. A perfect pair of socks exists for every occasion and for every mood. Some socks are simple and conservative, others are bold and loud, and still others are available for just about everything else in between.

Socks come in nearly every color imaginable. No matter what your favorite color is or what complementary color your outfit calls for, you can find socks to fit the bill. In addition to a rainbow of colors, socks also come in a wide range of patterns. This is great for some but for others, it can be intimidating.

Wearing patterned socks is a great way to pull together your outfit or show of your personal style. Patterned socks can go bad and make you stick out for the wrong reason, though. To help guide you down the correct path for wearing patterned socks, here are four popular sock patterns and how to wear them.


Argyle is a classic, diamond pattern with two or more colors. It was created in Scotland in the 17th century and has been a marker of classic style  all around the world for years. The best way to wear argyle socks is with a dressed-up outfit. You can always wear argyle socks with a suit for a traditionally stylish look. You can also wear this pattern with dress pants and a button-down shirt or a sweater (bonus points if it’s an argyle sweater).

Because argyle socks include multiple colors, it is generally easy to match them with most outfits. Matching one or more of the colors in the argyle pattern with your tie or your top will make for a very cohesive outfit. The other option is to go with an argyle pattern fully removed from the colors of your ensemble for an eye-catching pop of color.

Argyle socks may not always work with more casual outfits, especially with jeans. Wearing argyle socks with jeans can look like you just changed out of your work suit but didn’t bring a change of socks. Argyle with sneakers or athletic shoes is a tough look to pull off, too. The exception is golf shoes. You will fit in perfectly on the golf course in Argyle socks.

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The world of striped socks is vast and you will find many options that fit into this category. You can have vertical or horizontal stripes, wide or thin stripes, and stripes of all different color combinations. All these choices make striped socks one of the most versatile patterned socks around.

The best ways to wear striped socks all depend on what look you want to achieve. A striped sock with a suit is a great way to pull your look together and add some of your own personal flair. The best way to do this is by picking striped socks in the same color family as your tie and pocket square. If you are wearing a suit for a more conservative or professional occasion, you may want to go with a thinner stripe so you can have a personal touch without standing out too much.

Striped socks can also work well with casual looks and you can get much wilder here with your width of stripe and color combinations. Really, you only have two pieces of guidance to keep in mind with striped socks. First, they work best with neutral colors like navy blue, gray, brown, or white. Make the color of the stripes the star of the show. Second, they work best with solid colors. Wearing striped socks with other patterns in your outfit can make you look a bit of a mess if executed in the  wrong way.  

Polka Dot

Polka dot socks are very similar to striped socks. Many color combinations and patterns fall under this umbrella.  As with stripes, polka dots are also very versatile. According to No Cold Feet, polka dot socks can work in a number of both formal and casual settings. The biggest differences you want to look out for are the size  and density of the polka dot.

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The smaller and more dense the polka dot pattern, the more conservative the socks usually are. If the pattern has big, bold polka dots spaced further apart, they will be more of a statement-piece pair of socks. Either one works great with all types of outfits, just make sure to first put some thought into what effect you want to have.

Like striped socks, polka dot socks also work best with neutral and solid colors. Although you can match your polka dot socks to a polka dot tie or pocket square, this pattern generally works best if the polka dot socks are the only bold pattern you are wearing. Too many polka dots throughout your outfit can veer towards clownish.


Any sock with some type of picture printed on it falls into this category. These socks can be subtle – a polka dot sock where, if you look closely, the dots are baseballs – or they can be incredibly bold. You can get socks with everything from your favorite cartoon character to your favorite food and more.

Graphic and novelty socks are fantastic ways to show off your individuality, especially with a casual outfit. Rocking some cool, graphic socks with a pair of jeans and sneakers is a great way to get out of the black and white sock slump and show some personality. These socks are also great for special occasions. You can find graphic novelty socks for pretty much every holiday under the sun and celebrate in style.


Your socks should not be an afterthought to your outfit. They shouldn’t be boring either. With a little consideration, it is easy to incorporate argyle, striped, polka dot, and graphic socks into your everyday wardrobe. It is a great way to look stylish and show your personality while dressing as you normally would for any occasion.