Math is really an interesting subject. Still, it is not liked by many students. But there are a few who like maths more. It is not difficult to create interest in this subject by following a few tips. So, let’s see how you can excel in this subject.

●    Finish all your homework

Remember to finish your homework every day without postponing it for the next day. Homework is mostly based on what you have learnt in class that day. So, it is a kind of revision of the topic you learned. By doing it on your own every day, you’ll understand the topic better. It also helps to remember it for long. Also, while doing so, you can note the doubts and ask it the very next day in class.

●    Try not to miss class

Your teacher teaches a new topic in class every day. If you miss the class, the probability of understanding the same topic in the way the teacher explained that day in class is difficult. When a teacher explains a new concept like linear Programming first time in class, students ask many relevant doubts, which can help you to understand the topic better.

●    Make a study partner

A study partner can help you create more interest in maths. You can join your friend for group study. This will motivate you to study more. You can find interesting ways to study various topics together. You can ask questions to each other after practising the topic too. The questions can be in the form of a quiz to make it more interesting.

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●    Work on your mistake


You should pay more attention to the mistakes you have done while learning the topic. You should analyze the mistake and check how it can be improved. You should practice more and more on that topic until you get it perfect.

●    Ask doubts

You can ask for help to understand a particular topic like sequences and series which you feel difficult to understand. You can take your teacher’s help to discuss what you find difficult to solve and understand how to solve it easily.

●    Don’t cram

Understanding the concept is always better than cramming. If you understand the concept properly, you don’t need to cram the topic. It would help you to solve any type of question asked during the exams with confidence.


You can make maths your favourite subject just by following the above tips. These tips will make sure that you excel in this subject.