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Although the first games created were quite basic, most games released nowadays are very complex, doing multiple things at the same time. There are many genres and subgenres of games categorized by specific features. Because a game can fall under multiple genres, it makes it increasingly difficult for beginner gamers to choose something that fits their skill level and preferences. This blog belongs to The 3 Best Gaming Genres for Beginners.

The underlying method to find games that you enjoy is to try as many as possible. However, if you’re a beginner gamer, there’s a handful of genres that are more suitable for a start. We’re exploring these genres in this article.

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Adventure Games

The adventure games are one of the most-played gaming genres, especially for mobile. It’s quite easy to understand their dynamics from the start, making them a favorite for casual gamers. They might also be called puzzle games by some people because the adventure genre always integrates puzzles within the gameplay.

The puzzles come in all shapes and forms but they are usually nicely integrated with the narrative – that’s one of the defining aspects of adventure games. They have different graphic formats too, like slideshow, 2D, and even 3D. Users are usually provided with tutorials, making things clear right off the bat.

Some of the adventure games can be quite advanced but, as a general rule, they are ideal for beginners thanks to their interactive design, helpful tutorials, and all-around engaging format.


Casino gaming can be a great option for many people. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find something like the slots or roulette quite enjoyable. Their rules are easy to learn and you can basically play these games from day one. But, if you’re an advanced player, you can enjoy gambling too.

Poker is great for skilled players since it involves a lot of strategy and tactics that take a long time to internalize. You can learn the basics overnight but mastering the game might take years of practice. But, the best part about casino games is that you can play them even from your home nowadays.

An online casino is a great place for beginner gamers since it will allow you to play all kinds of casino games, from every type of skill level. They are available both for browsers but also for mobile. This means that you can easily download the apps on your phone and enjoy the world of online gambling.

Strategy Games

If you’re a beginner gamer, you will probably find the strategy genre most familiar since these games are inspired by classic board games. The users have to come up with effective strategies to progress in the game, making the experience fun as well as challenging.

This genre has different sub-categories like the “4X” exploration games that require the user to build and expand an empire, like the Civilization series. There’s also the “tower defense” category where the user is playing against the computer. The goal is to protect the territory through the use of defense towers. These games are some of the easiest to learn and can be quite fun sometimes.



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